Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Let's Give it a Try

After much thought (read: about 30 minutes), I've decided to start a blog primarily about food. About cooking it and eating it. I worry that this will become very pretentious or someone will accuse me of trying to recreate the Julie/Julia project, but quite frankly, I'm primarily in need of a place to put all of my recipes and remember the way that I cooked things. Plus, many of my friends ask me for recipes, so this will be an easier way to give them my secrets. 

I don't claim to be a gourmet chef whatsoever. I'm completely self-taught, save the few lessons I learned from watching my mother cook and from watching Top Chef. I like to read food blogs online, particularly ones with pictures, because then I know if what I'm doing looks remotely correct. I try to cook healthily, but every now and then I have a good guilty-pleasure recipe I'll throw in there and pretend that the calories don't count. 

Fair warning: my presentation is not always gorgeous and sometimes the pictures may just look like piles of food on a plate. Hopefully, as my impending nuptials approach, I will get some good kitchen and serveware as gifts off my registry and plating will look better than the crappy $12 Ikea plates I have. Seriously, don't ever buy Ikea plates. They make a horrible screetchy sound when you accidentally scrape your fork against the plate. 

Another disclaimer, though I think that this is to my benefit: I am not a housewife or aspiring restaurateur (not that being either of those things is bad). I am an attorney by day and work 50+ hours a week. Most of the meals I make are thrown together in an hour or so after work. I can occasionally expend a bit more effort on Fridays and on weekends, particularly if I'm in the mood to throw a dinner party. If I make a "company" meal, I will try to mark it as such. 

Let's see how this goes....

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