Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rosemary Roasted Red Potatoes

This is a relatively easy side-dish that is full of flavor and takes only a few minutes of prep time, then you can leave it pretty much well-enough alone while you cook your main dish. Typically when I make these potatoes, I start them first thing, then once I get them in the oven, I can pay attention to other parts of the meal. The best part about them is they can be cooked anywhere between 325 degrees and 425 degrees; all that will change is how long the potatoes need to stay in. This is quite convenient, as the potatoes can cook simultaneously with pretty much everything else in the oven.

What you will need:

Petite Red Potatoes (for two people, I use about 6-7 potatoes)
Fresh rosemary
2 tbsp canola oil OR olive oil (more depending on how many potatoes you cook)
Sea Salt
Black Pepper

Pre-heat your oven. If you're not using the oven for any sort of meat or something else that needs a more specific temperature, I find cooking these around 375 is reasonable if you want them done in about 45 minutes.

First thing is to wash the potatoes, dry them, and cut them into 8ths. It is very important that you dry the potatoes before you cut them and cook them, because the whole point of roasting potatoes is to apply a dry heat. If the potatoes have excess moisture or water on them, there is more of a "steaming" effect and you won't get the wonderful crispy roasted texture that makes this dish so delicious.

Once you cut your potatoes, put them into a bowl. Pour the canola oil over them, along with a liberal amount of paprika, salt and pepper. You will need more paprika than you think you do; the paprika gives them a subtle flavor and provides them with a nice color as they roast. You will also want to take one or two sprigs of rosemary and take the leaves off of the stems and toss those in the bowl too.

Mix everything with your hands until the potatoes are well coated with all of the ingredients. Then pour into a glass baking dish.

Put them in the oven, and continue prepping the rest of your meal. Every now and then look at them, they should be getting a nice crust on them. Cook time is inexact; the best way to test them is to stick a fork in one and feel if it's soft and gives on the inside.

Once they are done, pull them, out, serve, and enjoy!

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